A scene at the Temple

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Rarely these days, people get the time to sit back & observe what happening around us. Today, I experienced a weird feeling which I cannot define. So, today I went to drop mom to the temple & had to wait till she’s done with all her conversations with God & take her back. Now, since my conversations with him are pretty quick, yes u know, I am pretty much happy with what he’s bestowed already, I had a lot of time in hand.

So, m outside the temple, waiting in a car, at the looking scene around. While there were many a things to ponder on – like the shopkeepers sales skills, the skills the tailor showed, evaluating the guy flaunting his Merc on an Indian road with space for 1.5cars to pass bye – yet I was stuck at a team of beggars who have recently conquered this temple entrance. Oh yes, there is an entire team of 10. The first time I noticed them, it was a week back whem there were 2 & just in a span on 1week.. holaa we have a supermarket in the making. Yes, they are now selling vegetables, frying pans & what not. Not that anyone is buying them, or rather they seem interested to sell.. but you know it helps the image, the way I look at it.. “oh he’s trying, she’s hardworking – but I guess they aint lucky to strike a deal” & yes, it ensures u dont bargain or die of guilt if you do so.!!

Now, coming back to the stuff which made me observe them. We have a fruit vendor who is a stalwart of his business since he works here since more then a decade & had only 1lady shopping there when I saw an entire Gujju family, may be 6of them, roaming with laddus in their hand. Oh, they did have money it seems & were apparently generous to spare a few on these “Beggars”. It started with a line of “Donors” offering a variety of stuff ranging from cash ₹5/10,bananas,til-gudd laddus, toys, gujrati farsans, used clothes & a lot of other items. Oh yes, not 1 of 22 people who visited them even looked what they sold. Overall, to analyse their trade


No. Of bananas as group : 200 (yes I did count)

No Of clothers : 8

Laddus : 70 odd

Approx. Farsans : 2.5kg

Approx. Net revenue : ₹2800

Net profit : ₹2800 team. Yes 0 on investments.

Per person : ₹280

Whereas the vendor on the other hand sold not more then ₹1000 material in the sametime which assuming 25% profit makes him ₹250bucks. Yes, and a lot of satisfaction which makes a difference.

But, what I wonder is, what were the beggars selling then?

A sense of achievement, a sense of generosity & a chance to wash away sins maybe. But logically, if all this would be achieved with some money spent then why would the Ambani’s & Tata’s still slog for day in day out.!! 

I suggest all those reading this, take notice & evaluate what are the reasons why you work, you donate & you be happy.. & just see if people behind you actually have worked for it to give it to you..! That my friends would make a difference to the world & spread happiness, I believe.!!!


Time Travels – Part Four – Our Happily Ever After

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I thought I would pen down thoughts once I remember stuff completely.. But then there are near ones who know it better… Sharing their insights in the story as mine wont be much different..!!! and yes Raring to be Back..!!

Life's Little Banter

It’s been almost a month since my last post. High time I concluded the Time Travel series. High time I thank all of you for your concerned mails, messages, call and visits inquiring the brother’s health. High time I give you all a peak into the current state of affairs on the Brother’s front. And high time I start blogging about matters other than The Great Accident!

The recovery of the brother was a taxing time for all of us and more so for himself. It tested our patience and tolerance to the highest of levels. He would more often than not be child-like in his tantrums and in attention he needed. I got to get a peak on how he would have been when he was a kid. He kept on repeating himself for multiple times before we made him realize that he already had said the same thing…

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The incident – as it happened.

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Wishes to the gods, the people and the stars who always overlooked my wellbeing.

8th June 2015 – As it all happened

You wake up early morning on a Monday, cursing under your breath for the start of another working week. That same schedule where you wake up, travel to your work city with a 3 hour painful boring journey just to reach your office and hopefully expect that this week will surely have something good in store for you. The fact however is that this one time, you are in for a ride.

Tracing back to the early morning, you sit in the passenger seat next to a friend, ignore the seat belt since you are sleepy and fall asleep to ensure the 3 hours of journey is not wasted. You wake up – well completely only after an unknown 2 weeks that passed by. All you feel is surprised that people, a lot of them, stare at you in anticipation, hope, and pleasure and surprised about how you react to things around you. The above is my story as it truly happened. Below would be excerpts on this truly amazing turn of events and I would admit I am lucky and blessed.

Now how it looked when I was up – 1st day of week 3 after 8th June –

I meet a set of friends from college, supposedly the topper and the president of the college then and happy that they finally see my Mumbai place, my home FINALLY. I see the look on my parents face, that of happiness, because I recognize them immediately which kind of surprises me because, “Hello I am the networking guy, I do remember people lady, ALWAYS..!”. I talk to them about how are they doing in their respective roles in the company. They talk less and ask me more, which generally never happens and this shocks me more. They ask me how do I feel and I just say awesome as I always was. I realize that there is some serious concern around hence I retrospect and realize the scar on my head is kinda itchy. That is when the question how did the accident happen comes up and I understand it is not a simple meet. I try and remember, but I know nothing. It comes back to me then, how I fell asleep and hence I would know not..!! I speak the same and enter a sequence of thoughts which I now know will last long. Really long.

Everyone is trying to look inside on how the guy feels, If he is now fine, if the recovery that has been quick will remain the way it has been. All I know is brother you need to cling on. As always I know I will.

When I try to actually imagine what happened – This was what memory 1 came as–

After an excellent Sunday night with my friends from Pidilite, came back home and had a deary conversation with the family. However, the time was 12.30 A.M and I knew sleep was really essential. So I dozed off, only to wake up again at 5:00 a.m. Got ready real quick and was at Goregaon real quick. Asked my friend to keep his hands on the steering wheel while I get a quick sleep and return back to the wheel when the express way starts. With this I dozed off, and that is all that the first memory had in it.

With this recap in mind, we continued our talks for some more time. I was reminded that I need to pop some pills and I did just that. Scared I was initially that I have so many medicines almost every day. But happy that I was back to who I was. And quickly recovering.

Stunner incidences that came as revelations after I thought on 1st day of week 3 –

1. Didi was informed the new alone on call about my accident by an unknown guy who had my cell phone –

Definitely she must have took it the hard way and looked drained. The guy who saved my life- Mr. Anonymous I thank you from all my heart.

2. Dad was to be in China and is at home –

Surprised I was when he might have came back. The look on his face said he is now happy that I am back to myself. A man who shows few emotions shows this to me. This was a surprise

3. Mom was to be in Surat and is here now –

Was her trip completed or she also came back mid way. She looks still worried of his boy and then too taking care of people who are visiting me.. Gives me medicines, good food, badaams and is doing everything possible

4. Disha (Love to be) was home for the entire month and had skipped the job.

Wondered how did she manage the leave. She was known to be good in conversations with doctors and with my friends. She is relaxed and overlooking things rather than focussing on worries knowing it is the right thing to do.

5. Jiju was the man in action and had handled the situation brilliantly well.

Sources say he dint allow didi to cry and stay strong. Didi says he managed stuff himself and ensured other help arrived. He Is always humble and is now shy of me, doesnt talk much about it as he knows what happened is past. Confrontation, taking credits was never was his thing. Was it?

6. The joint family was always in the background doing the running and ensuring things always be in place for me to be safe

They came to the hospital asap. Ensured the doctors treated me well. Ensured I have all that I need and more. Ensured dad and mom were subtly hinted about what has happened and called back without pressurizing them too much which was did extremely well. Imagine a person alone in a plane from china to be reaching a day later, not knowing what has happened to his kid that he is admitted. The joint family handled it brilliantly while the silently did the prayers for my well-being.

7. The set of friends prayed silently for me to be back to awesomeness.

They troubled everyone for my news but ensured I was not disturbed and gave me the needed rest. Once I was back everyone has made sure they make me feel as light and chill as possible.

8. The manager of a 1 month old new joiner had visited me twice and ensured everything is in place even after my absence for almost a month.

He has ensured I am recovering and stay motivated to join him asap.

9. Those numerous gods that were always overlooking.

Now they have a new follower who used to rely on reasoning initially but now is a devotee, a complete one and has learned with experience.

Thoughts –

Loved the people around me. Love them more now.

The world is truly an amazing place to live in and I am glad that I was back in it.

Bye bye Batch of 2012-14

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I feel very nostalgic looking at the batch of 2012-14 bidding adieu to the college. Informals session was one kickass thing to do. Have not experienced this kind of madness before. That feeling when you care shit about who is judging you and are out there to make maximum memories. The event made me remember of all those events where I parted from something dear to me and then I thought of “writing” being one of them too.

Almost 6months I wrote my last post..!! What kept me busy? My laziness..!! Past six months from October last year, have been a Roller coaster ride..!!! Although 2014 has been a bitch till date I am sure it will improve.. You ask me why a bitch?

Loss of BRAND Equity due to – “The Republic Day” video, Missing the last man standing competition at LIBA when I was leading all the way, the evanescent “Langda tyagi” walk due to a bike skid are few incidences to name.

However, being an eternal optimist that I am, there are a lot of positives attached to these events as well. I rediscovered some seniors when the gave me that smirk after watching the video 😛 And yes the bike incidence has a lot of people now roaming around me to help 🙂 I feel pampered 😛

Highlights of past 6 months of my life include – 

1. Yes, I managed to bag an internship at “Gharwaali Company” after being rejected in 4 interviews owing to various reasons. Yes, I learnt what went wrong, what could be improved and I am well prepared to face what’s gonna come ahead.

2. Yes, I have made 1 successful debit entry in my MBA Account by winning few competitions at SIOM Nashik. Not to forget a list of other competitions at IIM L, SIBM Pune (Transcend), TAPMI, LIBA where I have managed to reach the national finals. While I know I need to work more on getting a few big names, I would say I am on my way.

3. Have successfully managed to become a GOOD “ppt monkey”. This, I say from the comments I have received from people whose verdict I trust. 

4. BSchool Life has ensured I long to visit home. And this longing has translated into super loss of weight. I am 68 now, 10 kgs less than what I was when i entered 10 months back. Mom your food is missed.

5. Yes I am more social than ever. On social media that is..!! the transformation is an attempt to express more than anything else those feelings that are otherwise forgotten. A twitter account, instagram, linkedIn profile, wordpress and yes Facebook. By the way a klout score of 61 too..!!! Not bad for a start. Have successfully joined the #tag league too.

6. Yes I miss you all. Mumbai meri jaan thi, hai aur rahegi. No doubts. I hope everything there falls in place.

7. Yes, how can I forget BABU..!! Aahan, my source of happiness when I am in Mumbai. Speaking in the way a coder should – “Vidhiji has DELIVERED a “bug free” KID” who is amazingly cute, gets a dimple, loves to be around me and is super naughty which one can say by the looks of him. 

8. Papa is all settled now. He says all the baggage is off his shoulder and he feels much better. Shows from the number of trips mom dad have gone to already and the larger number which is currently streamlined.

Thats all folks. The blog has been revived. I dont know for how long.. I dont know when the next post would come..!! But I expect it to be before the farewell of 2013-15 for sure 🙂

The Bucket List

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I have an exam tomorrow, yet I feel an urgency to write this post. All I want to capture here is the feeling I am currently experiencing. A transition from professional life to being a student has been quite a journey till date. But somehow the entirety seems missing. Every passing day, changes somethings around me, that I am not able to explain. I sometimes wonder is it actually a transition that I welcome?

Today, after watching the movie The Bucket List, I somehow felt, I have been too calculative off late. Life is about looking at a goal, fulfilling it and moving it to the next one. Not about analyzing every mishap, cribbing over spilled milk, seeking support when you know it would be temporary and losing control on your thoughts.

Yes, situations do make a mess at times. But the only target is to empty the bucket. Have you spent the day to complete something of significance, pushing yourself, sweating it out, believing that you can. If yes, the results would not matter. Self actualisation, security and acceptance are things that one would never achieve if you set out to search them. Rather, work on the bucket and you will meet these awaiting you one day.

Finding a meaning from life when you don’t know what you expect as an answer makes no sense. Live it, by your rules, achieving what you want and pushing as hard as possible and I am sure you will be there.


EPIC… The story


Frogo found his corner in the room where no one would really disturb him. He was tired of jumping around the entire day to complete his chores and since he was a traveller had decided to rent this big room. He decides to pick up the farthest corner in the room, so as to have some solitude. This feeling was something inherent to him and could never realise why he felt it. The fragrance around him seemed enticing, which helped him to doze off immediately. It was almost as if some soporific scent was purposely created in this Dark room to assist his needs.

Now, Frogo is all asleep when he starts dreaming. He feels the thrill of a rollercoaster ride with someone waving it vigorously to pull him out of his slumber. But he is a determined ‘Tired’ chap. He sticks along. He wakes up only after 3 hours, of swinging in the dream, to realise it was real. He was not in a roller coaster but the home that he had not paid for yet was rumbling. He got frantic and realised that somehow he could not move. There was a door in front of him that appeared out of nowhere and now wont budge. He started pounding heavily on the door and it did move things around. However, they were just movements and created no room for him to move out.

Finally after 15 minutes of frantic fisting something happened. Suddenly, light entered the room out of nowhere and blinded him for a second. He was clueless on what was happening around him and why. Before he could back to his senses, the room turned upside down, and he had nothing to hold on to. His grip gave away, and down he was lying on the floor breathing heavily wondering if he was still alive.

While you wonder what happens next, I would take you through another scene…

Yes, it was a beautiful morning and as usual Vinit did not have the time to experience the beauty. Running late as usual, dressing up was like a dream. Vinit did not care about what he was wearing and why. He started running to find a colleague’s car waiting for him. He cherished to manage at least saving the effort of walking to college. But he did have to use his sheepish looks and funny arguments to get an entry in the lecture.

Restless as he always was, he kept on feeling an itch in the feet, a sprain in the neck and eyes sleepy. Somehow he managed to ignore these so very often feelings, concentrating on how not to listen to the bullshit around. Then, was the next lecture. Yes, this was a short one as he had other commitments. Stating the reason for not been able to attend the entire lecture he rushed to the next destination. While the other inconveniences were ignored, the itch in the feet was still there. In Fact it started feeling ticklish after a point in time when he decided to get rid of whatever it was.

He removed the shoe and in a moment of horror almost threw it to the lady in front of it. What he saw inside was the weirdest thing he imagine it could have been. Life always does a murphy on you and this was proof reinstated.

Back to the first person. I always have this habit of checking my shoes before I wear them. Not because I am obsessed with them but because there are more than 3 residents in the hostel room. Some tiny creatures do pay their visits at times and it feels nice (Obviously not but I have learnt to ignore them) to have them around. But obviously you would not want them to use your shoes as a home. Would you?

Frogo was a bloody frog who was enjoying a deep sleep in my shoe for almost 3 hours after which he reacted. I feel so flexed even at the thought of imagining what happened to me. I had a minor heart attack when I realised, yes it was a frog which was tickled my thumb. It was the worst thing, I could have imagined happening to myself. And yes, I was scared, wondering if Frogo is dead. I saw him lie down on the floor hoping that he ain’t dead.

And once again, he scared the shit out of me when it started hopping when I neared him. Yes, I was pleased to realise he was saved, but the fact that he was in my shoe at the first place, made me realise the need to invent a transparent shoe.

I wish I would do that.. Soon..!!!


My Perspective on Democracy, Elections and all that lies in between

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There are several perspectives on the topic and a reader who is polarized to one side or the other might blatantly deny the points made. But still I proceed, since I can and would request one to consider my POV on the same. Yes, I would want to change your opinion to suit mine, not by coercion but by conviction.

Every debate on who is to be nominated in 2014, if the argument is a sensible one, is initiated by saying “I am entitled to an opinion and it stands”. That’s how it works in a Democracy. So, we move ahead and describe what exactly democracy means and how that fundamental form is violated in the current context.

Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination. (Wikipedia).

My emphasis for the above definition would be on,

1. Eligible citizens participate equally

2. Conditions that enable political determination on basis of free and equal practices.

Explaining the above in current context, participation is the act of nominating a person or the party on the basis of a rationale. This rationale varies but the ultimate aim is to envision a future and if you dare, a brighter future and take stock of the price to be paid for it with a clear headed unbiased view. Participation is collaterally a result of incentives offered. If the incentives are equal then I believe, the participation would be equal. But an additional incentive would tweak the mindset, drifting it towards a decision biased on self-based motives. There lies the first advantage for a political group.

Segmenting the population, calling some of these as minorities, which is minority by numbers and converting it to a majority by rights does the trick. Being the influencer and beneficiary at the same time does a lot to your decision making power.  Is being called the minority a stigma in our society anymore?  And minority on what basis? are questions I would want answered. The relation between minority and marginalization has changed and if I can say so completely reversed. What used to be marginalized is now the privileged in every process in the system which is a major distortion that challenges democracy, influences decisions and hence create a vicious cycle as already seen. Further implications are unrest, impotency to decide, market distortions as termed by economists and rift between people in the same country.

Now talking about free and equal practices for political determination. Here, I see an initiator and a follower in the Indian context wherein the only escape is to play the game and try to win. We see rampant display of favoring vote banks thereby influencing them by schemes like food security, gender specific structures like banks, quotas on promotion, land acquisition policies etc. and all this by party which believes in Democracy. Mockery is this? If this is not enough to woo the target sections, you come up with agendas like taxing the super-rich, empower unions to the extent of hooliganism, expressing grief over petty matters and silence on national crisis that too, over and above a differential tax system which already penalizes the ability to earn more seems a sham. I believe everyone who suffers or enjoys these privileges are aware of these distortions and we do not acknowledge so as to enjoy the fruits or hope for the change. Opposition on the other hand, tries to reap popularity by supporting these measures as speaking against would be pulling the trigger on yourself. And we call this a Democracy.

Solution to this deadlock is obvious. It is the fear that such matters are redundant and would affect negatively. That is the feeling that is to be inculcated if we as the citizens say we partake in democratic process. We should not be wooed by favors, voice against distortions, help marginalized sections in true sense and elect putting nations interest first before our own. That I believe would create an ideal ecosystem for a developed economy which has been otherwise stereotyped as developing.

For this to happen the change would be at the top. A leader who considers everyone as equal and if that creates a sense of insecurity amongst some, it is they who need to change. Yes, the past keeps the picture hazy but the present if not taken care of would result in no future altogether. If he underperforms – we change, we experiment, we adapt. But if we let the current situation to continue we would be equally responsible for what would be a national crisis.

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